Since 2002 PURE have been creating beautifully made cashmere, believing that there is space in every woman’s wardrobe for a stunning piece of luxury that is not only beautifully soft but sustainable and ethical too. We were the first brand to achieve 100% sustainable cashmere production, which we feel is something to feel pretty good about.


Our cashmere comes from the white Capra Hircus goats found in Mongolia. Their fibres are collected in a tradition that dates back centuries. The fleecy underbelly of the goat is gently combed by hand. This is done during the spring molting season, resulting in a relatively small yield and scarcity. It takes eight goats to produce enough of the finest, longest fibres to make one of our sweaters. This ensures a dense and superior softness to Pure Collection cashmere.

Much of our cashmere range is GOTS certified. The Global Organic Textiles Standard covers strict standards throughout the cashmere process from the feeding of our goats to the vegetable dyes used, to the packaging. Raw materials are sourced organically, and factories must follow ecological and sustainable processes without the use of chemicals.

We can happily say that GOTS cashmere is fully traceable through all the stages of production which means we can track your cashmere from “goat to garment’, allowing us to offer guilt-free luxury to you.